Synopi is a brand of Synchronous, a globally trusted name for serving the IP based communication industry. Synopi is dedicated towards revolutionising the information and communications industry. The methods of communication are constantly developing around the world. Therefore, Synopi aims to be an agent of change in this ever evolving industry. Providing leading edge technology to empower audio and visual communication across the globe is the main target of Synopi. Our products are tailor made for the demands of the consumer ranging from individuals to corporations.



Synopi Live

Synopi Live is a multifunctional portable, compact video encoding and streaming solution designed for high quality, flawless video streaming. It is made keeping the requirements of News professionals, Live video producers and video journalists in mind. Synopi Live minimizes the latency/ delay (less than 2 seconds) which gives the user superior video transmission experience. Moreover, it also supports High Efficiency Video Coding H.265, to ensure the best streaming standard.

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