synopi natiply configuration

How Synopi Natiply Datalink Bonding System Works?

Synopi Natiply is a Datalink Bonding System designed to bond and aggregate multiple internet connections. Synopi Natiply device/PC fits in between the router/switch/user and Internet. Therefore, all the user queries/instructions are received by Synopi Natiply before it is transmitted to the Internet. After receiving the queries, Natiply splits the message into small asynchronous packets. As we know, Natiply aggregates the bandwidth using different internet connections. This means the packets have numerous routes to their destination. Natiply then forwards the packets using different routes according to the capacity of the route. It uses artificial intelligence to judge the quality of the route continuously and distributes the packet load accordingly. In this way, the packets are forwarded to the Synopi Natiply Server.

Synopi Natiply Server receives the packets from numerous routes. Since, the packets reach the server in random order, the Natiply Server does the task of sorting. It organizes the packets in their correct order to reconstruct the original query from the user. Once the original message is constructed then it is forwarded to the destination from the Natiply Server.

Similarly, when the query reply arrives from the destination, the Natiply Datalink Bonding System Server splits up the packets. The packets are forwarded to the Natiply user device again, using multiple routes. Then Natiply device/PC reassemble the packets to the original message and sends it back to the Natiply User. Data exchange between the Natiply Device/PC and the Natiply Server is fully symmetrical.