Live Rover

Synopi Live Rover is a multifunctional, portable, compact video encoder and streamer designed for news broadcasters, live video producers, and video journalists in mind to stream broadcast quality live video from mobile and remote situations.

Superior Video Live Streaming Technology

Proprietary SBS Protocol

Synopi Bit Streaming (SBS) Protocol - purpose built for broadcast quality video streaming over the network. It ensures ultra low glass to glass latency and reduction of excess network overhead for high quality and efficient video production.

Adaptive Profile

Adaptive profiles of SBS intelligently monitors network situation and available bandwidth to adapt to the context by adjusting bitrate, resolution and other parameters. It ensures uninterrupted delivery of video stream even from very congested network situation.

HEVC/H.265 Codec

Live Rover uses High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) also known as H.265 which ensures substantially higher quality video with same bit rate compared to its ancestor H.264. This means, it can transmit the same quality video with much lower bit rate.

Full Control Over Latency

Synopi Live Rover offers options for controlling desired latency, resolution, bit rate etc for enterprising broadcast engineers who love to have full control of the stream quality.

Strongest Datalink Bonding Technology

Highest Numbers of Datalink

Synopi Live Rover brings the strongest datalink bonding technology. It can connect highest number (up to the OS limit) of data links of virtually any type i.e. Modems (2G, 3G, 4G/LTE, Wimax), ethernet (DSL, Fiber, Satellite Modems) etc and bond together to provide sufficient bandwidth for smooth streaming of broadcast quality video.

Intelligent Network Monitoring

Bonding system of Synopi Live Rover is powered by various Intelligent Algorithms to actively monitor various performance metrices and adapt to any difficult situation. It distributes network load among best available connections to ensure highest possible streaming quality all the time.

Proprietary Congestion Management Technology

Its proprietary congestion management technology is extreme fault tolerant and can handle physical disconnection, network interruption and out-of-data balance situations without interrupting the video stream to provide a superior experience.

Key Benefits

  • Capable of streaming video with best possible quality even from extreme congested network situation
  • Significantly better quality video with same available bandwidth
  • Reduced heat generation ensures consistent performance and longer run time
  • No manual operation, lightweight and plug-n-play design of the Live Rover device ensures easy handling by any camera operator / videographer
  • Strongest datalink bonding with the highest number of modems / networks
  • External modems ensures flexibility of adding any type and any number of network connections for faster network speed. It significantly reduces heat generation and ensures consistent performance over the runtime
  • Purpose designed, spacious, functional, lightweight and well ventilated backpack ensures better heat management, high performance, ease of carrying and ease of operation of the field unit
  • Synopi Live web interface with role based access control facilitates configuration and control of all individual Rover Devices