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How To Run Natiply ISO From USB Flash Drive?

Running Synopi Natiply ISO from USB flash drive

To run Natiply ISO from USB flash drive you will need to set the boot option from USB Drive in your computer BIOS. You can access BIOS setup at the time of booting of the computer by pressing F2 or F12. Other keys may also be used which will be displayed in the option. From boot option set USB. Then save the BIOS settings and restart the computer. Now it should automatically boot from your selected option USB. After booting is completed, it will show ‘Login prompt’ to login to the system. With given ‘Natiply login’ ‘user and password’ you can login to the system for further configuration.

How to run Synopi Natiply ISO from USB Flash Drive

Now, Synopi Natiply ISO is ready for setting primary internet connection.