Live vGate

Synopi Live vGate is a multi-channel video encoding and decoding system which can be used for playback and streaming simultaneously

Powerful In Core

Versatile Applications

Synopi Live vGate is a software installable in any standard server computer as demanded by broadcasters. It is powered with latest core capabilities that are in demand. It features compatibility with industry leading GPU’s, mostly used codecs, transcoding and Synopi Bit Streaming Protocol (SBSP).

Industry Leading GPU’s

Supports NVIDIA and Intel GPU’s for fast and efficient video processing

Codecs & Transcoding

Supports H.264 (AVC) and H.265 (HEVC) codec and transcoding among them

Controlled Playback

Peace of Mind

Broadcasters need full control of stream quality at playback end so they can orchestrate an event just as they want. Synopi Live vGate playback features all required features to do that. It provide full control over delay, resolution and frame rate and bit rate. Live vGate supports any type of playback output i.e. SDI, HDMI or VGA.

Full Control Over Delay

Broadcaster can configure the glass-to-glass latency in milliseconds which is very useful for uninterrrupted and controlled playback.

Playback in Exact Resolution, Frame Rate & Format

Live vGate features almost all output resolutions up to 4k in both progressive and interlaced format and all commonly used frame rates for each resolution. Broadcasters can set exact output they require regardless of the resolution, format and frame rate the video originated with.

Controlled Video Quality and Bandwidth Usage

Broadcasters can set desired bit rate for the playback on Live vGate which ensures stable quality and bandwidth usage.

Professional Capture

Ensured Quality

Synopi Live vGate can simulteneously capture multiple videos as required and stream them through Live Xchange. It can capture through SDI or HDMI interface and encode them with both H.265 and H.264 codec in almost all commonly used resolution frame rates and formats. It features all other features of Live Rover as well. Read More >>