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How does Natiply ensure network reliability?

In the current world, failure of the internet or downtime for a business is unimaginable. If there is no internet connection for one day it may cause a significant loss for an enterprise. A business can have multiple high available connections for the local ISP, but it may not be reliable. Here high availability is offered by different ISPs with 99% to 99.8% maximum. But 99.6% availability for a connection can have approximately 35 hours downtime per year and 99% availability have downtime of nearly 3.65 days per year which is unacceptable for an enterprise or company. Not only that, the mission-critical system and real-time communication systems like audio and video can not tolerate any downtime.

A question may arise, how can we achieve network reliability?.

The simple answer is it's impossible to achieve with standard network equipment. But Synopi Natiply solved this issue by multiple data link bonding solutions with network reliability.

Ensure Reliability

Now we are going to discuss how Synopi Natiply, a data link bonding solution ensures reliability. It can bond multiple data links from different ISPs with different types of internet connection like 3G, 4G, VSAT, WiFi, ADSL, Cable, T1, etc and distribute the network load among all the available connections. That makes a single larger data link with higher throughput to transmit a large volume of data. Here, when one or more connections are disturbed or unavailable, Natiply will redistribute the network load among other available connections. This will occur automatically and without any interruption. Users will not notice even. When those connections get back, Synopi Natiply adds them to the pool automatically. This makes your network more reliable and resilient to maximize uptime.

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