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How does Natiply ensure Quality of Service(QoS)?

With the rapid growth of modern technology, uses of audio and video applications are also increasing which requires transmitting real-time data over the internet. So businesses dependent on real-time communication demand reliable and secure connection and pay heavy charges to remove any disturbances like jitter-buffer, packet loss and latency during transmission of packets which maintain the QoS.

Synopi Natiply has built-in capability to maintain QoS successfully:

Ensure QoS

Prioritize data packet

Synopi Natiply receives data from different sources, then it divides them into a small encrypted packet, prioritizes data packets, and sends them over multiple data links. It can choose higher capacity links for sending prioritized packets as well.

RTP multiplexing

Synopi Natiply reduces RTP overhead and network overload very efficiently by its RTP multiplexing feature which maintains end-to-end high performance and QoS.

Ensure reliability

Synopi Natiply bonds multiple connections together and makes them a single larger one with higher throughput. Not only that, it has full statistics of overall network information. Suppose, when one of the active links gets down, Natiply immediately redirects its data packet to others without any packet loss. Thus it maintains data integrity without any interruption. When the dead link comes back, it is added to the pool automatically.

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