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How To Configure HUAWEI 4G Modems For Internet Bonding?

By following four easy steps, you can configure HUAWEI 4G modems to using in internet bonding platform.

Every brand’s 4G modem has their own configuration process. It is hard to demonstrate all brand’s 4G modems configuration here. Therefore, we’ve decided to describe the step by step guidelines of HUAWEI brand 4G modems configuration for you.

Step One: Please connect the modem to a PC/ Laptop, and then open a web browser and visit (default IP address for HUAWEI). There will appear a modem’s configuration window.

How to configure HUAWEI 4G modems

Step Two: Once you are in the configuration web panel, click on settings, a drop-down list will appear under Dial-up menu. The first option is Mobile Connection. Here make sure that mobile data is on.

How to configure HUAWEI 4G modems

Step Three: Now, click on Network Settings under Dial-up menu. From the dropdown lists, select preferred mode and network search mode auto. And, select all supported for all brands.

How to configure HUAWEI 4G modems

Step Four: In this stage, click on System and from the dropdown lists select DHCP. Once you are in DHCP panel, just change the third octet of the IP address. Default IP is For now, let’s change the third octet from 2 to 4. Now click on Apply.

How to configure HUAWEI 4G modems

Congrats! You have successfully configured your HUAWEI 4G modem to use with internet bonding platform i.e. Synopi Live, Natiply.

Some points should be considered:

  • MAC/ Hardware address should be unique for every single modem and avoid copy/ clone modems.
  • IP series also should be unique for every individual modem.

We have published a nice article about, “how to configure 4G LTE modems?“, hope it worth reading. If still, you are facing issues to configure HUAWEI 4G modems, you could chat with SyncCare support engineers as well.