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How does Natiply secure the network?

Technological advancement has changed the way of our daily activities. It has digitized all of our day-to-day tasks at home and office which demands huge data creation and dissemination in a millisecond. Data needs to be protected as it travels all over the world through the internet(public cloud) which poses security concerns. On the other hand, whether data is personal or business, a sensitive one demands additional precautions. As you know, hacking incidence is increasing day by day. Someone is always sniffing or knocking and trying to enter your network. Moreover, not only from criminals but your data should be protected from your competitors also. In this case, ensuring rock-solid security of your network is the only way. Because, this includes all activities designed to protect data and networks from breaches, intrusion, and other malicious activities. Thus it increases business reputation by maintaining confidentiality and integrity of data.

In the case of network security, our multiple data link bonding solution Synopi Natiply is a trusted name. Maintaining your data security is our priority.

Ensure data security

Synopi Natiply ensures security through the following:

Data Encrypting

Synopi natiply uses two endpoints. One endpoint received a data packet and segmented into multiple packets and encrypt them. Then it passes to the receiver endpoint which will decrypt it and send it to destinations.

Intelligent traffic routing technique

Synopi Natiply provides network traffic monitoring and controlling systems. From where an authenticated person can apply different types of firewall rules to its incoming and outgoing traffic. It can block any target site or application by its domain name or IP address. It can route outgoing traffic with any single or bonded interface.

Distribution of traffic

Synopi Natiply divides a single packet into multiple encrypted data packets, and distributes it over multiple data links, which gives more security of the data.

Traffic authentication by Relay

Synopi Natiply and its Relay servers work as a point-to-point solution. Hash-based message authentication code is applied for bonded traffic which can only be decrypted by its Relay. This method secures your data when it travels between the two endpoints.

All of the above are built-in features of Synopi Natiply. So, attempts at data interception, modification, and forging by anyone are impossible during its travel path. For more details about Natiply, please visit